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  • Please arrive 15 minutes before
    your game, this is for signing in and an introduction to your game

  • The Orphanage game is not recommended for players under 15y/o, or unexperienced players

  • Please double-check your booking date and time

  • Children 12 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult inside any game, and anyone under 18 must be preregistered by an adult over 18.

  • Remember to come in a good mood, ready to laugh, this is all for your enjoyment!

  • All of our current rooms require the minimum amount of physical effort, so there's no need to worry!

  • All bookings are final, no refunds, but a reschedule or credit may be organised

  • We highly suggest not bringing phones into the room. If you must, please refrain from using them, photography is also strictly prohibited!

  • We like to allow a maximum of 90 minutes in total for the entire experience, however the time limit in the games is 60 minutes

  • All bookings after 6PM on Sundays or public holidays are minimum 3 player price 
    (2 plrs can still book but 3 plr minimum price is charged)

  • Once you've played your game, tell everyone how much fun you've had, but don't share the secrets!

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