Larger Groups & Corporate Events

Kid's parties

Breakout Bendigo is a perfect venue for any event - from hens/bucks parties, birthdays and get-togethers to Corporate team-building exercises!

With 3 escape rooms available, we have the capacity for up to 18 players total playing all 3 rooms at once.

Breakout Bendigo is a fantastic choice for kid's parties aged 10+, it gets them off technology and into a controlled team working environment!

Our escape rooms can accommodate up to 8 kids at once, with (if needed) a guardian and/or a member of our staff to come into the room with them to give them more personalised supervision and help.


Larger Groups and Corperate Events - 

7-12 players - $35 pp 

13-18 players - $32 pp

19+ players - $30 pp

Kid's parties - 

6+* players - $30 pp 

*All kid's parties must be 10-14 years of age with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 kids per game. Includes optional adult supervisor free

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